February 17, 2010

Matthew 25 Resource 2/17/10-Gospel Rescue Mission (Tuscon, AZ)

You see them practically every day. Standing on street corners, huddling in groups, walking down the street with backpacks, plastic bags near bursting, worn dufflebags, or shopping carts overflowing with stuff. Meager possessions, remnants of all that's left in their lives.

What do you feel? Do you shake your head and ask why? Do you turn your head and ignore? Do you wonder - 'will it ever get better for them?'

Imagine... What if you could help them out? Could You? Would you? What if it was you? Most of us could be in that same situation - easily. It's been said that many are one paycheck away from just this very scenario. Are you?

Not just food, shelter or clothing...

It's what the Gospel Rescue Mission does. Not just food, shelter or clothing... But much more. For over Fifty years the Rescue Mission here in Tucson has been a relief for those caught in the shackles of homelessness and addiction. Cutting through the chains of circumstances binding these men and women and reestablishing them on the road of freedom and hope.

Each day the Rescue Mission houses, feeds and ministers hundreds of men, women and children in Tucson. Through faithful ministers, volunteers, and the facilities God has provided through faithful contributions just like yours, we are able to not only meet the physical needs of these precious souls, but also to meet their spiritual, educational and job related needs also.

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