February 18, 2010

LGBT Helping Hands 2/18/10-The LGBT Network (Grand Rapids, MI)

Mission Statement

Serving the LGBT communities of Western Michigan through networking, referrals, and resources .

Statement of Guiding Principles

We seek to improve the lives of all people in the greater community so that each, with no discrimination, may live in an environment that is welcoming, healthy, safe, and respectful of the differences that are present in a diverse society. Every person is called individually to develop these qualities, even when opposed by the majority, in the continuing work of finding our commonalities while celebrating our diversities.

As a community who knows the harm that prejudice and hatred can cause, we support efforts aimed at ending abusive and unjust treatment based on differences and availability of resources.

We recognize that support is not only spoken but also involves action. Therefore, each person, according to their individual gifts and talents, is encouraged and asked to become involved and involve others in the issues that affect our LGBT community, including the realities of oppression that face other minority or marginalized groups of people.
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