February 19, 2010

LGBT Helping Hands 2/19/10-Sunserve (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Our Mission

Recognizing that everyone has the right to quality services and care, our mission is to reach out to those in need with an emphasis on the economically disadvantaged, marginalized youth, senior adults, people of differing abilities and those with life-challenging health conditions in the greater South Florida metropolitan area.

Our Goals:

* SunServe will be a model social service agency, serving the gay* community with compassionate and progressive care that understands and respects the individuality of each client, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identification.

* SunServe’s services will be of the highest quality for all clients served, especially those in financial need, minorities, youth, seniors, people of differing ability, and those with life-challenging physical, behavioral and emotional conditions.

* SunServe will help build a stronger, healthier community one person at a time, reaching beyond race, ageism, ethnic differences, sexual orientation and socio-economic classes.

* SunServe will meet the unique needs of the South Florida LGBT community through collaborative partnerships with individuals and agencies from the greater South Florida area.

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