January 01, 2009

Who Needs a Savior?

So, who needs a savior anyway, and why?

Every living human being needs a savior. No living human being can measure up to God’s standards on their own. Even if someone lived a perfect life and never did anything wrong they would still require a savior. Why? Well, it goes back to the beginning……………………..

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God it started a chain reaction that would require divine intervention to fix. Disobedience became part of human nature. It was passed from generation to generation in the blood line; in the genes – the “sin gene” became a reality. Also, God had said that if this should happen, death would come out of it. But God didn’t mean a physical death. God was referring to eternal death.

You see, God created us to be eternal beings. Things only got messed up when Adam and Eve disobeyed. Gradually, they started to get old and sick and show the signs of age. The earth started growing weeds and pests. Everything got very difficult. It would require someone who did not possess the “sin gene” to make things right again. So, God decided to make it easy.

First God decided that since only one person caused the “sin gene” in the first place, that it would be acceptable for one person to stand in on behalf of everyone. But, there wasn’t any human being who could do it. That’s why God decided to turn into human form and be born as a human being, from a virgin, not born of the seed of man, but of the power of a perfect God. And they called him Jesus.

Then God decided that if anyone believed in Jesus and what He came to accomplish that it would count for them as if they did not have the “sin gene” any more. Pretty good deal, eh?

So, Jesus was born and lived a perfect life, and then was falsely accused and put to death in order to complete the process of fixing the blood line. Well, it wasn’t enough that God took care of the “sin gene” and then took care of the death penalty. God wanted to be able to give us the ultimate victory; the victory over eternal death. So, God raised Jesus from the dead to prove that everything was fixed and made right again once and for all.

Now, God gives each of us the opportunity to choose whether to believe in Him or not. We can choose eternal death, or we can choose eternal life.

Who needs a savior anyway? WE DO!!

If you would like to tell God that you believe in Jesus and what He did for us then just say this prayer.

God, I believe that Jesus is the Savior I need. I accept Him now and receive the eternal life that you promised. Thank you for making it so easy. Amen

If you prayed this prayer and believe it in your heart, please get in touch with us so we can rejoice with you!

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