February 19, 2010

Affirming Resource 2/19/10-WeHoChurch, West Hollywood, CA

How does a church touch people? Especially people who are busy, active or may not want to be "touched" by a church in the first place. For centuries the church simply erected buildings, established rules and expected people to acquiesce. Often they did.

Today however, people are smarter and more independent. Thanks to the Internet, people are able to find answers to life's questions on their own. For a church to touch people today, its message must be personal and relevant, yet delivered with innovation and technology.
WeHoChurch exists for just such a purpose. Committed to the West Hollywood community, the leaders of WeHoChurch seek to share God's unconditional love with those who might otherwise feel unwelcome or uncomfortable in a church setting.

At last, the so-called "unchurched" have a place to call home; a place where people look beyond sexual orientation, a place where people seek to express God's love, a place where you can belong. Whether you attend weekly, monthly, twice a year or online, WeHoChurch.com wants to be your church home.

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