February 20, 2010

From the SNN Library 2/20/10-Cure For the Common Life

We ALL have gifts, skills God gave us when he made us.  If you aren't clear on what yours are, this book can be a good starting point for finding that out.

Amazon.com user ratings: 36 of 37 reviewers gave it at least 4 out of 5 stars
SNN rating: 4 stars

Bestselling author Lucado (Come Thirsty) dedicates his latest book to helping readers discover their "sweet spot"—the job or life calling they were created for. He guides readers on their search to find the unique abilities God may have built into them. First step: "read your life backward" to see where you've been successful and what you've loved in the past. Readers are directed to find their personal "S.T.O.R.Y."—strengths, topic, optimal conditions, relationships and "Yes!" moments. This acronym originates with People Management Inc., whose theories helped Lucado find his own strengths and form much of the foundation for this book. For Lucado, discovering one's life purpose is really about honoring the God who gave the unique abilities in the first place, so he instructs readers not to make decisions based on greed. Instead, he exhorts them to "make a big deal out of God" rather than worrying about their own reputation and to trust God to use their "small beginnings" in his overall purpose. The book contains a "Sweet Spot Discovery Guide" with detailed exercises from People Management to help readers uncover their own personal "S.T.O.R.Y."—though some will want further guidance. As always, evangelical readers will appreciate that Lucado is easy to read while still substantive and orthodox, and many struggling to find the work that's right for them will find this book very helpful.

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