February 12, 2010

Matthew 25 Resource 2/12/10-River of Life Mission (Honolulu, HI)

Each day hundreds of needy people receive help at the Mission. People from all walks of life come through the doors: the homeless, the elderly, and the addicts. Add to the mix those who are mentally ill, and the forgotten veteran, the disabled individual, the aging prostitute and those recently released from prison. They come to receive meals, showers, clothing, spiritual help, or assistance from a social worker. Some come simply to use the bathroom. Many who come are lost and invisible people who have somehow slipped through the cracks.

There are a few guests who come to the Mission in need of temporary assistance to get back on their feet. For these, the Mission’s rescue services are all that's needed.

But the majority of Mission guests are chronically destitute. Because of addiction, illness or destructive decisions and behavior they habitually rely on the Mission for sustenance. Our rehabilitation and reintegration programs are designed for these people. This requires a different perspective to change a life.

We believe the only means to truly accomplish change is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We do this by following His example of compassion and care as we reach out to help people.

The rehabilitation and reintegration programs remain Christ-centered through Bible study, counseling, prayer and worship, and life skills classes. As a result, it is common for a former guest to become motivated and find full-time employment. In fact, some of our staff are former guests who have successfully completed our Residential Program.
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