February 12, 2010

Announcing Believers Covenant's "Spring Spiritual Energizer Weekend"

MARK YOUR CALENDAR and join us LIVE and ONLINE for a cyber church gathering from the Nation's Capital. BCF is going to have a "Spring Spiritual Energizer Weekend" of worship, special music, powerhouse preaching, and Holy Spirit FIRE! We want to invite you to START connecting with the various cyber church broadcasts of events that we and other ministries are beginning to do around the nation and Canada. Many of us can't always GO TO another city to join in a worship gathering or conference, but we sure can join together online. So, mark your calendar for March 19th, 20th, and 21st. Check our website for further details. Apostle Micah Daniels from Seattle, Josh Weiberg from BCF, Janice LaCount from Dallas, and more will be online ministering on "Living in Pentacostal Power!" It will surely energize you just in time for spring/summer outreach events. IF you are able to come and join us in DC, you are more than welcome in person, too! Pray for us!

Brenda is also scheduled to teach her "Healing for Damaged Emotions" seminar this weekend.  You'll be able to watch it all online at http://www.bcfchurch.us/.

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