February 08, 2010

BCF Praise Report 2/8/10

And saying, "Repent ye: for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand."

Matthew 3:2

Greetings BCF Family & Friends!

Welllll.....you've already heard how the whole Mid-Atlantic got socked in with another snow storm! We had 3 feet of snow in our area, and we're still digging out! It's been a wonder to behold, and an irritant to clean up! But the opportunity to have quality relaxation time has been rejuvenating for many. So, we are praising God and getting ready for another one tomorrow!

Sadly, we were not able to gather for worship at BCF yesterday. But several of us joined Living Water Fellowship in Seattle's uStream broadcast and had a great time with the Cyber Church! I want to encourage you to get that term, Cyber Church, in your vocabulary and have the spiritual eyes to 'see' that technology is making it possible for ALL of us to gather together at one time- all across the Globe- and worship the Lord together! We're just seeing the infancy stage of where this is going! I'm excited about it and want to encourage all of us to be thinking about the possibilities for touching every nation, every tongue and tribe in the world! And so we shall, and Jesus will be exalted in His Church!

During worship yesterday, the Holy Spirit spoke this to me, "Power, power- I am releasing POWER into YOU ALL; Rise up, Rise up and be ZEALOUS for God!" Later on I did a word study on the word "zealous" and found several scriptures where it speaks of being zealous for God, some were scriptures of correction to us all- reminding us to get serious about either being hot or cold for God, not lukewarm. (Rev. 3:14-22) I know that we are experiencing a great 'awakening' to the presence and power of God- and I exhort each of you to stir up your hunger and craving for the Lord Jesus- to know Him, to experience Him like never before, to walk in the FIRE of the presence all the time, everywhere we go! YES! Ask God to give you a new passion and FIRE for Him, ask Him to Baptize you in Holy Fire!! And then come together in praise and worship, giving GLORY to the Lord- and we WILL SEE His Glory! We WILL EXPERIENCE signs, wonders and miracles, we ARE, and we WILL SEE even greater things! HOW? By pursuing your relationship with Jesus Christ zealously, with ALL of your heart!

As much as I have learned, as far as I think I have come in my walk with the Lord, I am hungrier than ever before- and passionate about walking in the FULLNESS of His presence! Let's each of us take the responsibility and stir up our faith and intensify our commitment to press on to the High Call of God on our lives! Remember: BELIEVING IS SEEING!!! And we are Believers in Jesus, the Lord of Glory!!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR and join us LIVE and ONLINE for a cyber church gathering from the Nation's Capital. BCF is going to have a "Spring Spiritual Energizer Weekend" of worship, special music, powerhouse preaching, and Holy Spirit FIRE! We want to invite you to START connecting with the various cyber church broadcasts of events that we and other ministries are beginning to do around the nation and Canada. Many of us can't always GO TO another city to join in a worship gathering or conference, but we sure can join together online. So, mark your calendar for March 19th, 20th, and 21st. Check our website for further details. Apostle Micah Daniels from Seattle, Josh Weiberg from BCF, Janice LaCount from Dallas, and more will be online ministering on "Living in Pentacostal Power!" It will surely energize you just in time for spring/summer outreach events. IF you are able to come and join us in DC, you are more than welcome in person, too! Pray for us!

We love you with the love of the Lord Jesus, and send you our warmest embrace. We're praying for you, too!

Shalom and in Christ's love,
Ap Dale

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