February 12, 2010

LGBT Helping Hands 2/12/10-We Are Family (Charleston, SC)

We Are Family, which began in April 1995 under the direction of Tom Myers, initially focused on the use of direct mail to provide constructive information to people/community leaders that gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning youth would normally seek out for counsel and support. The staff sought out speaking engagements whenever possible, at churches and other public places to spread a message of understanding and acceptance. In early 1997, we began to offer direct services (Safe Space) to GLBTQ youth in the Tri-County area through a weekly peer support group.

We are an all-volunteer, donation-supported organization run by a dedicated Board of Directors and sustained by willing volunteers from the Charleston area community. Our Board and volunteers represent a diverse group of volunteers, both gay and straight, from many different professions, age groups, genders, and faiths.

Through We Are Family, youth have participated in national events and training for leadership roles in the community, initiated creative ways to support local needs such as Habitat for Humanity and HIV/AIDS service organizations and networked for social and educational events with similar groups in our region and nation.
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