December 07, 2009

Ten Ways Homophobia & Transphobia Affect Straight People

From Q Resources via Queers United

.1. Homophobia and transphobia force us to act "macho" if we are a man or "feminine" if we are a woman. This limits our individuality and self-expression.

2. Homophobia and transphobia put pressure on straight people to act aggressively and angrily towards LGBTQI people.

3. Homophobia and transphobia can make it harder to be close friends with someone of the same sex.

4. Homophobia and transphobia often strain family and community relationships.

5. Homophobia and transphobia can cause youth to become sexually active before they are ready in order to prove they are "normal." This can lead to an increase in unwanted pregnancies and STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

6. Homophobia and transphobia prevent vital information on sex and sexuality to be readily available in classrooms, medical offices, and other educational venues. Without this information, LGBTQI people are putting themselves at a greater risk for HIV and other STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

7. Homophobia and transphobia can be used to hurt a straight person if they "appear to be gay" and/or express her/his gender outside societal expectations.

8. Homophobia and transphobia make it hard for straight people and LGBTQ people to be friends.

9. Homophobia and transphobia, along with racism, sexism, classism, etc. make it hard to put an end to AIDS.

10. Homophobia and transphobia make it hard to appreciate true diversity and the unique traits that are not “mainstream.”

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