December 07, 2009

Encouraging Words 12/7/09-BCF Praise Report

"You shall decree and declare a thing and it SHALL BE ESTABLISHED unto you!
Job 22:28

Greetings BCF Family & Friends,

What an awesome weekend and worship service at BCF yesterday! We had a beautiful first snowfall of the winter here in the DC area on Saturday and it just made for a picture perfect day of rest for most of us! Then worship service was just wonderful as Sister Lauren led worship on her guitar, along with Sister Linda on her guitar, Sister Jenn singing, the praise team and the heart of the congregation reaching out for the Lord! THANK YOU praise team for your faithfulness and service to the Body of Christ- you are growing so much in the flow of the Spirit, and your skills are getting better and better, too! I am totally blessed by your heart and abilities!

Elder Brenda Johnson then spoke a timely word of exhortation, reminding us all that the battle (for our provision and breakthrough) is already won, the VICTORY over sin and death is already accomplished through our Lord Jesus Christ, AND it is our responsibility to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and continue our non-stop confessions and declarations of God's WORD over our lives and circumstances. The enemy would like to get us to become complacent and begin to neglect "so great a faith" by falling back into judging, murmuring and complaining rather than decreeing and declaring what our Heavenly Father has said IS SO about us, our health, our finances, our provision, the Church and ministry- it is up to US to continue to be the occupying force until King Jesus returns. RELEASE YOUR FAITH IN GOD'S PROMISES TO YOU WITH YOUR MOUTH!!! FAITH IS THE SUBSTANCE THAT MANIFESTS YOUR PROVISION- AND YOUR MOUTH IS THE KEY!Thank you Elder Brenda for preaching God's Word to us! We are DOERS of the Word, and not hearers only!

Yesterday was also our Helping Hands Sandwich Ministry Outreach. Special thanks to Ferris for coordinating everything and to everyone who stayed and helped prepare lunches and then delivered them to the needy in DC. It was a cold winter day and the Lord used us to bring the warmth of His love and provision to many people! God bless you and PRAISE GOD for the opportunity to touch other people's lives!!

Ferris asked me to remind all of us that you don't have to wait for a planned day or event to prepare some bag lunches and give them out to those in need. You can do that anytime, and in fact- you should!! How about when you are preparing your lunch, make a couple of extras and hand them out to those the Lord brings across your path. He will bring them if you will be prepared! GIVE! If you have a need- GIVE! If you want to be a blessing- GIVE! If you want to be blessed- GIVE! Give what you have, give what you can- God will bless it and increase you to give more!

We are praying for you and thinking about each of you! May the Holy Spirit flood your life right now with a fresh impartation of the LOVE of God!
We love you and we are here for you if you need us, just reach out!

God bless you with His SHALOM- with nothing missing and nothing broken in your life!

In Christ's faithful love,
Ap Dale

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