December 10, 2009

Encouraging Words 12/10/09: Letting Go of God Because You're Gay?

From OursceneTV via gayandchristian on Twitter:

So many people in our LGBT community feel this same way as Jason Chan in his article “WTF is with the Conservative Christians.” Jason shares his perspective on the church, various denominations and the Bible. I agree with so much that he shared but I was really sad to read that he has let go of his relationship with God because as an atheist he feels more love for himself and his fellow man than for the man the Bible "told" him how to be.

Many people in our community have walked away from their relationship with God due to religion. They have been forced out of churches, youth groups and ministry positions because of their sexual orientation. Man’s religious judgment has produced a massive wave of people exiting churches - if not by force, then by choice. After all, no one wants to be a part of a church full of hypocrites and hate.

I am a Christian lesbian who is desperate to change the message being taught from our pulpits. I am a pastor’s daughter who attended private Christian school my whole life and spent five years at an Assemblies of God Bible University. I’ve studied the Bible for over 20 years and am convinced that God’s love will always surpass man’s understanding. Though men dictate church, God will have the final say of who is “in” and who is “out.” Being a Christian is not just about following rules. It is about a relationship with your Savior, Jesus Christ, who is desperate to tell you that you are accepted just as you are!

Man made religion is not what Jesus was ever about. Nowhere in the Bible will you find Jesus condemning same sex relationships. So why do we swallow the ramblings of religious bigots who dictate otherwise?

As people of faith we must not put that assurance in man but in God. God’s love is unconditional and eternal. When we allow the condemnation of others to take away our hope in God, we degrade ourselves yet once again as LGB people surrendering our rights as God’s creation.

I want to challenge you, no matter your personal religious convictions, please do not validate people’s scream of God’s hate at you and do not allow them to steal the joy of your faith. As LGBT people we must educate ourselves in theology and find a balance of our faith and sexuality. Our sexual orientation does not negate our place at the feet of God!

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