December 09, 2009

Daily Devotional 12/9/09 Doodles

From: Reflections

Psalm 8:9 KJV: Oh Lord our Lord, how excellent is Thy name in all the earth!
 Are you a doodler? Do you ever remember a time that you really liked someone? Do you remember doodling the person's name while thinking of him or her? I'm not sure if I doodle because I like to draw, or daydream, or what; but I do remember many times I scribbled and drew the name of some special someone--block letters, balloon letters, 3-D get the picture.
We may have many or few loves along the way, but we each have one love who is our first love--that being Jesus. Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about Him? Do you remember times you sat and doodled His name? There are many things we do to worship God. To me, doodling His excellent name is just one very wonderful way, to use a pencil, to draw my mind to Christ.

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