December 12, 2009

Encouraging Words 12/12/09-Anglicans Speaking Out Against Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill

From the Christian Post:

Over 3,000 Anglicans are lobbying for the head of the worldwide Anglican Communion to retract a recent statement he made on the election of The Episcopal Church’s second openly gay bishop.

“The Archbishop of Canterbury has failed to exercise moral leadership to protect gays & lesbians in Uganda and has instead exercised political pressure to attack a bishop-elect in Los Angeles because she is a lesbian,” state the members of the Facebook group “Anglicans who want THIS statement from Canterbury,” which has recruited over 3,000 people since it was created this past Tuesday.

“As Anglicans who treasure their Communion and expect more from their Archbishop, in the Advent spirit of John the Baptist's cry to the religious leaders of his time, we call on Rowan Williams to repent of his earlier statement and issue this one instead,” they add before offering a three-paragraph statement addressing the "lack of outrage ... by the Church of Uganda" regarding the punishments included in the country's contentious Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

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