July 09, 2009

Evening Prayers 7/9/09


I pray for all those people with idle hands these days, those who want to work but don't have the opportunity and are struggling to deal with it. Brenda has been wrestling with that for two months now and is making some headway in finding a new path that we believe you are laying out for her. Thanks to the way you have so richly blessed me in my career, both in stature and salary, she has options that don't have to include working a 9-5 job. This is something she had trouble embracing, but is starting to do that now and is becoming open to a plan "outside the box" that you appear to be laying our for her/us.

One of my closest friends has a spouse who has been out of work several months and does not have any opportunites on the immediate horizon. The emotional and financial strain is beginning to take a toll, especially because they don't have you in their lives. When we try to carry the burdens of life all on our own, they can way us down pretty quickly, and the more difficult burdens can break us. I don't want my friends to snap, but I fear that is possible. Lord, please use their difficulties to give me or someone else the opportunity to speak into their lives how much you love them and help them know you are always there for them.

Lord, I thank you that we don't have to figure things out on our own--you will guide us if we yield ourselves to your will and seek your direction. I ask that you help my friends and everyone who is searching for a new direction, a new purpose to fill their lives, and for that to be centered on you.


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  1. Jim & Brenda: Ironic that this podcast should be available today. I just finished our daily blog, and it refers to our fear, not of darkness, but ...of the light that glows inside us all. I include part of it here. Thanks for your postings. Peace.
    "We're afraid of the awesome power we possess from the day we're born, the ability to use the light inside of us to make change happen in the world. The ability inherent in everyone to turn the world, to bend the arc of history toward justice and truth, to dance with the light."
    http://caffection.blogspot.com/ 7/10/09