July 07, 2009

Evening Prayers 7/7/09


I come to you asking for a new level of discipline. Brenda has been after me nearly as long as we've known each other to cut back the fast food and eat healthier, and she has gone the extra mile to plan out menus and do some extensive shopping to fit meals into my narrow, picky taste. Help me find the discipline to stick with it and not cheat when I'm away from home, drinking less soda and more water and orange juice, eating more fruit and less snacks.

I also thank you and praise you for leading me to a spouse who loves me so much, who worries about my health and wants me to be the best I can be as we work together to execute your plan for our lives.

Thank you for caring about the details in our lives. Thank you that there is nothing too big or too small for you to be concerned about and that we can bring to you.


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