July 08, 2009

Evening Prayers 7/8/09


I can only imagine how frustrated you must get with us, but I got a small taste of it today. Someone I know and care about came to me with a problem, but shared so little of it that I felt my hands were tied in being able to help. You've given me a heart that wants to reach out and help people, but we are limited to what they tell us and show us.

It's got to be even more frustrating for you because you know our problems even without us telling you, so when we don't turn to you for help, you know just how foolish we are being, usually even better than we do.

Lord, I pray for my friend and the issue they are dealing with. I pray that they don't try to handle it without help, but they'll need to let down their guard with someone and let them in before help can be given.

Please help us to let down our guard with you and ask for your help, whether the issue is large or small, there's nothing in our lives that you don't feel is worth your time, and for that I stand in amazement and thank you profusely for blessing us the way you do.


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