July 07, 2009

"Confirmed-God Is Slightly Gay"

In this SFGate column, Mark Morford writes about the extensive evidence of homosexuality in the animal kingdom and what it tells us about how God views same-sex relationships. Here's an excerpt:

Here's the shocking new truism: In the wilds of nature, to not have some level of homosexual/bisexual behavior in a given species is turning out to be the exception, not the rule. Would you like to read that statement again? Aloud? Through a megaphone? To the Mormon and Catholic churches? And the rest of them, as well? Repeatedly?

Would you like to inform them that such behavior is definitely not, as so many hard-line Christian literalists want to believe, some sort of poison that snuck into God's perfect cake mix, nor is it all due to some sort of toxic chemical that leeched into the animal's water supply, suddenly causing all creatures to occasionally feel the urge wear glitter and listen to techno and work on their abs?

And so we extend the idea just a little bit. Because if homosexual/bisexual behavior is universal and by design, if gender mutability is actually deeply woven into the very fabric of nature itself, and if you understand that nature is merely another word for God, well, you can only surmise that God is, to put it mildly, much more than just a little bit gay. I mean, obviously.

But let's be fair. That's not exactly true. God is not really gay, per se. God is more... pansexual. Omnisexual. Gender neutral. Gender indeterminate. It would appear that God, this all-knowing and all-creating and all-seeing divine energy that infuses and empowers all things at all times everywhere, does not give a flying leather whip about gender.

That's a pretty interesting job of connecting the dots, of stepping back and looking at the big picture God has created instead of focusing on a few verses often taken out of context from the Bible. That's okay, because God created us with a brain to figure things out--we should try that more often.

You can click here to read the rest of the article. Thanks to my friend Doug Sewell, the pastor of All Saints Community Church in Cortland, Ohio for the link.

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  1. That is very well done. Megaphone. Giggle. I'll remember to bring one next time I go home.

    I'm just sorry more of the Christian mainline has not stepped up.