May 17, 2007

Rev. Mel White Shed Tears For Falwell

You may not have known this, but while he was still in the closet, Rev. Mel White, one of the co-founders of Soulforce, was the ghose writer for "Falwell, An Autobiography," published in 1987. That gave him a unique perspective among GLBT advocates of the man who he calls "the face of homophobia." He shared some thoughts on Jerry Falwell's recent passing with The Advocate:

I knew there would be just a huge hole in Virginia and in Lynchburg, and I felt for those people. But at the same time I was feeling more strongly that now we’ll never have a chance for Jerry Falwell to say, “I was wrong. I did wrong, and I said wrong, and I’m sorry. God creates gay people and loves them just like she created them. I’m not going to say anything more against gay people because I was wrong.” Imagine the consequence that would have had for so many people.

As far as the future of the religious right, Liberty University will graduate 3,750 little Falwells this month. Liberty will have a school with more students than UC Berkeley or UCLA within 20 years. That’s the kind of foothold Falwell has on education. He’s got an accredited law school, like Pat Robertson’s Regent University. They’re both turning out lawyers who are wiggling their way into politics and government. An entire generation is coming up that really loves Falwell, and I’m afraid they're all going to be antigay. We gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people are really missing it when we think the older generation will pass and the newer generation will save us. A whole new generation of people is being prepared to condemn us.

Click here to read about Rev. White's relationship with Falwell and more of his thoughts on the religious right.

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  1. Mel White seems to shed alot of tears and that gimmick is beginning to wear thin, if it hasn't already.