May 14, 2007

Newsweek Cover Story: "Rethinking Gender"

I use the acronym "GLBT" here frequently, which most of you know stands for "Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender." I don't write a lot about transgender issues because, quite honestly, I don't understand a whole lot about them beyond the fact that they are people too and deserve the same rights I enjoy and often take for granted.

In their newest issue, Newsweek delves into the issue of gender in some depth. The cover story is titled, "Rethinking Gender," which goes into some of the basics about transgender issues, defining them and going through some of the different stages of the different situations.

Beyond that interesting article, Newsweek also features these pieces this week:

"Making a Difference," a former male Air Force sergeant running for office in Colorado.

"I Had To Fix My Life" a former male NASCAR driver is now a woman trying to get back behind the wheel competitively, with little success so far.

"None of Us Are Safe," actor Alexis Arquette on the politics of gender in America.

"It Stuns Me," sportswriter Christine Daniels on her transition. I wrote about here recently, the writer from the LA Times.

"No Big Deal," a corporate vice-president talks about how big companies are leading the way in helping transgender social reform.

There will also be an online chat on the Newsweek website on Wednesday at noon, EST.

There's a lot of information and insight in these articles (some of them are exclusive to the web site) and I find it very encouraging that one of the major mainstream news publications has devoted so much space and energy to helping people understand about transgender issues.

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  1. *I* find it encouraging that people like you exist and are so supportive of the T in LGBT, Jim. Thanks so much!