February 03, 2007

Upcoming Event: "Keeping Pace With God's Grace"

The National Black Justice Coalition is sponsoring the upcoming conference "Keeping Pace With God's Grace" in Philadelphia on March 10.

From the press release:

Over three hundred people from across the nation will gather to debate the issue of homosexuality and its role within the Black Church as well as provide solutions on how to create a welcoming and gay-affirming church.

Black iconic intellectuals such as the Rev. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson plus several other religious leaders both anti-gay and gay-affirming will headline the event and facilitate discussion ranging from HIV and the Black Church to debating the legitimacy of scripture referring to homosexuality.

This is one of the few occassions that I am aware of where there will be honest, balanced debate on issues relating to GLBT people and Christianity. Hopefully minds will be open and hearts changed when the word of God is honestly studied, especially at a conference where the African-American community is actively engaged.

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