January 28, 2007

GLAAD Lobbying For Equality in Wedding Announcements

GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, has been working hard lobbying newspapers to carry announcemtns of same-sex weddings, civil unions, and committment ceremonies. According to this report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, editors at 883 daily newspapers across the United States have agreed to publish these notices.

So far, however, only 319 papers have actually printed them, and GLAAD is now trying to encourage same-sex couples to take advantage of this opportunity and announce themselves to their community. Information is posted in GLAAD's website regarding which newspapers have agreed to participate.

If you are part of a couple that is stepping forward and making a committment to each other, please allow me to encourage you to make this public declaration and let everyone know just how serious you are.

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