January 31, 2007

Anti-Gay Measures Stirring up GLBT Activists in "Red" States

A while back, I posted about a story telling how anti-gay initiatives in Kansas had stirred up more visible and active support for GLBT equality than had ever been present in the state. According to this report in the Washington Blade, this situation has also developed in numerous so-called "red" states across the Midwest.

“The silver lining from these ballot measures is that they triggered the building of a GLBT movement in these states,” (Equality Federation executive director Toni) Broaddus said. “We may be losing these fights now, but we are building our capacity to grow and build more public support in the long run.”

The fight for equality will not be won in the short-term, but merely having more people engage in the battle pushes the issues closer to resolution.

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