February 02, 2007

Equal Access to School Facilities

As reported by the Christian Post, a federal judge recently ruled that a branch of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes must be allowed the same rights to use school facilities as other non-religious clubs. Good.

"Equal access means equal access, and the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) should not be discriminated against just because they want to have a Christian club," (plaintiff attorney Joel L.) Oster said after the hearing.

Despite the district's claims, Oster said this case was about religious issues.

"The message we want to get out there is that Christians are not second-class citizens," Oster said. "... They are entitled to their views, and they are entitled to free expression of those views."

Now if you substitute the phrase "Gay-Straight Alliance" for "Christian" in these quotes, you truly have equal access. However, the more frequent situation is for school districts to accept these Christian clubs and discriminate against the GSA clubs.

The same rules need to apply to all who wish to access public facilities.

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