February 01, 2007

How About More Focus on Saving Heterosexual Marriage?

That's the theme of this op-ed piece in the Madison (Wisconsin) Times.

I've got a suggestion for Julaine Appling and her colleagues at the euphemistically named Family Research Institute of Wisconsin, the state chapter of the organization founded by Christian bomb thrower James Dobson: Quit worrying about homosexual marriage and get to work saving the heterosexual ones.

We don't need same-sex marriage to "destroy" the institution of marriage. Heterosexual couples have done a pretty good job of that already.

Of course, focusing efforts on denying homosexual couples the right to marry draws attention away from that painfully obvious fact, doesn't it? Organizations aren't going to have nearly the same level of success with their fund raising campaigning against divorce, now would they?


  1. Just a note...if one goes to the Family Research Institute of Wisconsin's website, one will not find any research there. There's a lot of unsupported ideas and opinions, but no research.

  2. Hey Jim...I didn't know you were in Rockville?!

    I grew up there and went to Richard Montgomery!

    Small world.

  3. As an ex gay I have often pointed the finger in direction of divorce as the culprit that destroys families. It is not gay people - just people in general who don't want their committments anymore. But it is easier to raise money "against" a group like gays instead of a group like oneself. A truly disgusting feature of the christeopolitcal faith