March 20, 2010

Affirming Words 3/20/10-"Changing Spiritual Atmospheres Through Prayer" Part 3 of 3

A sermon by Apostle Randy Morgan of New Covenant Christian Church in Atlanta, GA

From the SNN Library 3/20/10-Loving God When You Don't Love the Church

Ever been hurt by some in church, or even worse, by the church itself?  This book will help that not close the door on your relationship with God, which is what really matters anyway. ratings:  1 user gave it 4 out of 5 stars
SNN rating: 4 stars

What do you do when you can't go back? When you have been hurt by fellow church members, it can seem as if you have nowhere to turn. Those who are supposed to bring you comfort are the ones who brought you pain. Whether you have been wounded by a pastor or by someone in the pew, it can be hard to heal. Pastor Chris Jackson is honest about his own failings as well as those of the Church at large. In Loving God When You Don't Love the Church, he opens up the path to healing and helps restore the wonder of a genuine relationship with Jesus' Bride. With humility, compassion and practical advice for healing and restoration, this book will touch those who have been hurt by the church and those who love them. "An amazing exposé that addresses critical issues of our day with wisdom instead of sarcasm, with truths that heal and with love that confronts. For once we have a book that speaks truth with grace."--Dr. James W. Goll, Encounters Network; author, The Seer, The Coming Prophetic Revolution and The Lost Art of Intercession "I can assure you that you will experience the heart of God through the pages of this book. Healing will come to your soul in the places where you have been wounded by the church."--from the foreword by Dutch Sheets, senior pastor, Freedom Church "Our generation is filled with those who love the Gospel but hate the Church, who cling to Jesus but who can barely tolerate His Bride. Chris Jackson shows us a path to healing."--Stephen Mansfield, The Mansfield Group "What a timely message for the Church! This book provides words of healing and perspective for those who have been wounded or who have become disillusioned."--Stan Fleming, GateBreaker Ministries Chris Jackson has served as executive pastor of Freedom Church in Colorado Springs since 2000. He is the co-author, with Dutch Sheets, of Praying through Sorrows and Second in Command.

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Encouraging Music 3/20/10 "More Than Wonderful" by Sandi Patti

Just For Fun 3/20/10-I Can Has Cheezburger

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Encouraging Words 3/20/10 Patience Worketh Perfection

From:  Love Worth Finding

“But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” James 1:4

Patience worketh perfection. When was the last time you asked God to make you perfect? Maybe you should have asked for patience, as well, because it is only through patient, abiding faith and trust in the Lord that we become perfect.

A lot of people confuse this word “perfect” with “sinless.” The Greek word for perfect in James 1:4 is teleios, and it refers to a maturing growth. For example, an oak tree is the teleios of an acorn. It is the perfection of an acorn.

So when you’re feeling discouraged and feeling a little blue, take a look at a mighty oak and see what a nut can do.

Take a walk this week enjoying the beauty of God’s creation and ask Him to give you the patience and faith that can turn a little acorn into a mighty oak.

March 19, 2010

Affirming Words 3/19/10-"Changing Spiritual Atmospheres Through Prayer" Part 2 of 3

A sermon by Apostle Randy Morgan at New Covenant Christian Church in Atlanta, GA:

Affirming Resource 3/19/10-Well of Living Water Ministries, Belleville, IL

Knowing that Jesus has called the Church to Evangelize and Disciple the world, we believe that our primary mission is to reach out to the disenfranchised, present the gospel to all people and to provide a place of Worship, Discipleship and Fellowship without respect to individual differences and sexuality.

We welcome and accept ALL people! We are a predominately homosexual congregation, We are NOT a gay church, we are a church that Worship's the Lord Jesus, We are Holy Ghost filled, Open to EVERYONE and Believe that ALL people regardless of Sexual Orientation, Color, Race or Gender CAN go to heaven.

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Encouraging Music 3/19/10 "Was it a Morning This" by Sandi Patti

Encouraging Words 3/19/10 Pray to Be Heard of God Not People

From:  Love Worth Finding

“And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.” Matthew 6:5

There was a young professional waiting for a meeting when he heard someone walking down the hallway. Thinking that this could be a potential client, he picked up the telephone and pretended to be having a high-power conversation.

By this time, the footsteps had stopped at his desk. Looking up he asked, “What may I do for you?” The man before him replied, “I’m from the telephone company. I’ve come to hook up your phone.”

Prayer is the same way. The prayer that gets our Savior’s attention comes from the heart and not from the head to be heard by men. Prayers to impress people are one-way conversations.

Find a quiet place in your home where you can be alone with the Lord every day for a special time of communion with the Him. He is waiting for you there.

March 18, 2010

Affirming Words 3/18/10-"Changing Spiritual Atmospheres Through Prayer' Part 1 of 3

A sermon from Apostle Randy Morgan at New Covenant Christian Church in Atlanta, GA:

Matthew 25 Resource 3/18/10-Health Care for the Homeless (Baltimore, MD)

Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) was established in Baltimore in 1985 and is a nationally-recognized model for the delivery of care to underserved populations.
* HCH services are comprehensive. We offer pediatric, adult, and geriatric medical care, mental health services, social work and case management, addiction treatment, dental care, HIV services, outreach, prison re-entry services, supportive housing, and access to education and employment.

* HCH integrates direct service and advocacy. HCH uses our direct service experience to educate the broader community about homelessness and health and to advocate on local, state, and national levels toward public policies capable of ending homelessness.

Matthew 25 Resource 3/18/10-Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida (Orlando)

Vision: A Hunger-Free Central Florida
Mission: To Fight Hunger in Central Florida
* Providing access to food and other grocery products in order to meet the need
* Promoting and supporting the development of our partner agencies’ ability to fulfill their missions
* Mobilizing leaders and communities by bringing visibility to the invisible problem of hunger and poverty
* Developing more holistic and county-specific solutions to hunger in Central Florida.

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Affirming Resource 3/18/10-Washington Plaza Baptist Church, Reston, VA

Our Church is an inclusive Christian community whose worship, communion, and fellowship are open to all without restriction to gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. We affirm that all have access to the love of Christ and service to God. We practice in the Baptist tradition, the core principles of which are:

Soul Freedom - The individual is responsible to none except God, is totally competent to stand before God, and is capable of discerning meaning and action in life and practice under the direct inspiration of the Spirit of God and Holy Scripture.
Bible Freedom - The Bible is our authority in matters of faith and practice and is to be interpreted in its entirety, using the best scholarship and the discernment of the community.
Church Freedom - We are autonomous and congregational in governance. Our practices, policies, associations, and ministries are set by the congregation under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and Holy Scripture.
Religious Freedom - The Church and civil government are independent of each other (separation of church and state). We support a free Church and a free state, separate and individually responsible to God.
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Encouraging Music 3/18/10 "Let There Be Praise" by Sandi Patty

LGBT Helping Hands 3/18/10-Us Helping Us, People Into Living

The mission of Us Helping Us, People Into Living, Inc. (UHU) is to improve the health and well being of Black gay men through innovative programs and services and -- through a vision of inclusiveness – to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS in the entire Black community. Incorporated in 1988 as a self-help support group for Black gay men living with HIV/AIDS, UHU has become of the largest Black AIDS service organizations in the District of Columbia, serving: heterosexual men and women; gay/bisexual and same-gender-loving men; and transgender individuals.
UHU provides community-level, group-level, and individual-level programs and services, including: a) HIV counseling and testing, partner notification and referrals services; b) case management; c) mental health services; d) street and venue-based outreach; e) the Popular Opinion Leader intervention; f) the D-Up! intervention; g) the Many Men, Many Voices intervention; h) psychosocial services; i) the Healthy Relationships intervention; j) a HIV vaccine initiative; and k) alcohol and drug-free social activities.
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Encouraging Words 3/18/10 Why is There Suffering in the World?

From:  Love Worth Finding

“If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” John 8:36

“If there is a God and that God is a good God, then why is there suffering?” “What kind of a God is it that has created evil?” Ever heard those comments before? Ever made them yourself?

You’re not alone. Many people have thought the same thing. But that’s not straight thinking. Let me tell you the way it truly is.

God did not create evil. God created perfection. God made man perfectly free, and freedom therefore gave rise to evil. In order to love, we must be free to choose to love. Then, in order to choose to love, we have to be able to choose not to love.

Which kind of love do you want from others? A forced love or a free love? Which sounds better, “I love you” or “I have to love you”?

March 17, 2010

Affirming Words 3/17/10-"When You're Not Sure"

A sermon by Pastor Neill Spurgin from ExpressionsOKC church in Oklahoma City, OK.

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Matthew 25 Resource 3/17/10-Hope House of Central Louisiana (Alexandria)

Hope House of Central Louisiana provides safe shelter and essential services to homeless women and their children, empowering them to independence.
Everyone served by Hope House will become actively engaged role models demonstrating self-determination, responsibility, and citizenship.
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Affirming Resource 3/17/10-Grace Gospel Chapel, Seattle, WA

Grace Gospel Chapel is an Independent, Christian, Evangelical church whose membership is open to all who profess belief in Jesus Christ as Savior. Though this church has a unique ministry to the GLBT community, we have accepted the commision of Jesus Christ to share the Good News with all.
As an affirmation of our faith, and in accordance with our commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord, we covenant to:
* Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ
* Reconcile people to Christ
* Help GLBT Christians reconcile their sexuality and faith in Christ
* Provide opportunities for personal growth
* Nuture one another in loving Christian fellowship
* Encourage one another to share spiritual gifts and talents
* Minister to those in need

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Encouraging Music 3/17/10 "I've Just Seen Jesus" by Sandi Patty

LGBT Helping Hands 3/17/10-Positive East (London)

We offer face to face (by appointment), e mail and advice on a number of issues including, sexual health, coming out, HIV and Hep B/C testing as well as general sexual health & HIV advice and information. We have a specialist worker offering peer support and advice specifically related to living with HIV.

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Encouraging Words 3/17/10 Dead to Sin, Alive to Christ

From: Love Worth Finding

“Reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:11

A woman woke up one morning, and noticed that she felt like she had just gone to sleep. She said, “It can’t be six o’clock in the morning!”

But the radio said it was six. The clock said it was six. The sunrise said it was six. Now, I submit to you: it really didn’t matter how she felt, did it?

Sometimes we respond the same way when it comes to our salvation. We need to get our salvation out of the realm of fickle emotions and begin to reckon and count on God’s facts.

Each morning when you wake up, begin by saying, “I am dead to sin. I am alive in Christ. I know it’s a fact, He died for me. Now I reckon it!”

Look up the word “reckon” in the dictionary. Are you reckoning yourself dead to sin and alive to Christ? If not, begin to do so today.

March 16, 2010

Affirming Words 3/16/10-"Defrosting Our Spriitual Assets"

A Sermon from Rev. Paul Turner at Gentle Spirit Christian Church in Atlanta, GA
Defrosting Our Spiritual Assets from GentleSpirit on Vimeo.

Affirming Resource 3/16/10-Sacred Light of Christ Community Church, Salt Lake City, UT

Sacred Light of Christ exists to bring people to Jesus and membership in His family, develop them to Christ like maturity, and equip them for their ministry in the church and their life mission in the world. Join us at Sacred Light of Christ, Salt Lake City's GLBT welcoming church, for an uplifting worship experience. We invite you to bring all of yourself to this worship service and leave nothing at the door because no matter who you are or where you are on your life's journey, YOU are welcome here! Our goal is to make Sacred Light of Christ the most spiritually empowering church in our area.

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Encouraging Music 3/16/10 "Via Delarosa" by Sandi Patti

LGBT Helping Hands 3/16/10-LGBT Center Coalition of Central Pennsylvania (Harrisburg)

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Community Center Coalition is a volunteer-led effort to create a regionally representative community center that is both a location and a unifying point for Central Pennsylvania's large, diverse and multi-county LGBT population.
Our Mission
The mission of the LGBT Community Center Coalition is to create common ground for the LGBT community and allies in Central Pennsylvania by providing services through spiritual, educational and cultural activities that foster wholeness. We seek to:
Create a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment
Provide and support comprehensive programs throughout the community
Embrace diversity, health and wellness

Encouraging Words 3/16/10 Grumbling or Grateful

From:  Love Worth Finding

“Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him, and bless His name.” Psalm 100:4

One day, there was a preacher on a train. He saw a well-dressed man and magnificently dressed woman with expensive jewelry. This woman was complaining about everything – the train ride, the weather, the news, the food, the service.

The preacher decided to engage this couple in a conversation. He asked the man what kind of business he was in and the man told him. Then he asked, “And what does your wife do?”

The man replied, “Oh, she’s in the manufacturing business. She manufactures her own unhappiness.”

You know, there are a lot of people like that today. They manufacture their own misery because they fail to be grateful. Only Christ can turn our lives around and stir up a grateful heart within us.

Go through the alphabet and thank the Lord for something beginning with each letter and choose to be grateful.

March 15, 2010

Affirming Words 3/15/10-"Coming Home"

A sermon from Pastor Tom Millner at Church of the Holy SpiritSong in Ft. Lauderdale, FL:
Coming Home from COHSS on Vimeo.

Matthew 25 Resource 3/15/10-Bay Area Food Bank (Theodore, AL)

The Bay Area Food Bank, working through member organizations and special programs, will provide nutritious food to meet the challenge of feeding people who are hungry as a result of personal crisis or disaster. The Bay Area Food Bank will educate the public regarding domestic hunger, proper nutrition and related issues.

In carrying out its mission, the Bay Area Food Bank is committed to standards of performance and service represented by the following values in which we believe:
Integrity: We will be open and honest in all relationships, dealings and transactions. We will strive to earn and convey trust through openness and honesty.
Stewardship of Resources: We will keep faith with the public trust through the efficient and effective use of resources entrusted to us. We will strive to be mindful that our mission is accomplished through the generosity of others.
Accountability: We will establish clear, measurable outcomes and targets against which to measure competence, efficiency and effectiveness of our mission. We will embrace responsibility through accountability for policy, actions and decisions, as well as record keeping and reporting.
Service: We will commit ourselves to provide excellent service. We will continually strive to understand and meet the needs of our donors and clients with competence and compassion.
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Affirming Resource 3/15/10-Cascade Community Church, Akron, OH

We are a Christ centered church where all of God’s children are welcomed and affirmed. This church began primarily to provide a safe and welcoming place of worship for members of the GLBT Community, although our church has always been open to all people who wish to worship God and have fellowship with other Christians. We are very proud to have a diverse congregation of people from all segments of society. And yes, we do perform Weddings and/or Holy Unions for all couples who wish to ask God's Blessing upon their relationship.

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Encouraging Music 3/15/10 "The Old Rugged Cross" by Dallas Holm

LGBT Helping Hands 3/15/10-AIDS Delaware

Our mission is to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS statewide by providing:
  • Comprehensive social and support services to clients and their families;
  • Advocacy for compassionate public policy;
  • Prevention and education programs addressing unsafe sexual and drug use behaviors.

A Brief History

AIDS Delaware is the State of Delaware’s first and largest AIDS Service Organization (ASO). The agency was founded in 1984 by a group of concerned volunteer activists addressing the needs of the emerging AIDS community in our state. Over the last 25 years AIDS Delaware has become a professional not-for-profit agency working for the health of the human family.

Unique in Delaware for our range of services, we provide:
  • Counseling & Testing: Confidential HIV testing using the latest protocols with pre- and post-testing counseling;
  • Case Management: A plan for healthy living that engages the client and his/her family in the process; and,
  • Education & Outreach: Programs for our clients and the larger community to foster HIV/AIDS awareness and to encourage safer behaviors and informed decision making.
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Encouraging Words 3/15/10 The Value of a Soul

From: Love Worth Finding

“Ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold,...but with the precious blood of Christ.” 1 Peter 1:18-19

I was talking to a man who sold real estate and asked him, “What determines the worth of a piece of property?” He said, “What a person is willing to pay for it.”

In other words, it doesn’t matter how much you paid for it yourself. It’s what another person is willing to pay to have it for himself or herself.

That makes me want to shout! You and I must be worth something if Jesus would pay His life to have us for His own. Jesus is the proof of how much we’re worth.

Do you know how much you weigh? Call a jeweler or a bank today and ask how much your weight is worth in gold. Then realize there’s no comparison to your worth in blood … the blood of Jesus Christ.