August 03, 2005

Site Update

First, I would like to thank the hundreds of visitors that have come here in our first few weeks on the Internet. I hope you have found your time well spent.

Beginning next Tuesday, I will begin a set schedule of updates on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. They will usually be posted in the evening, although some days it could be earlier.

I would encourage anyone who runs across any pertinent material someone else wrote, or who wants to contribute an original piece themselves, to send it to me. If I feel that it keeps with the mission of this site, I would be happy to post it and appreciative that you thought of forwarding it.

Most of all, I would ask visitors to take a moment and leave feedback, either by posting a comment or sending e-mail to I want to improve this site in any way possible and will seriously consider any suggestions. It would be nice to know if what I am writing and posting is making an impression on the readers. A few of you have already been kind enough to tell me that it has.

I would also ask that, if you feel there is value to what you read here, to please encourage anyone who might be interested to check it out. You can access it directly at

I'm not interested in doing anything with Straight Not Narrow other than encouraging dialogue and getting people to consider important issues relating to Christianity and LGBT individuals from a different perspective. Most importantly, I want to spread the word of God's loving inclusiveness, not exclusion. The more people that get involved in this site, the better chance there is of accomplishing these goals.

Thanks for your continued support,

Jim Johnson