February 13, 2012

Encouraging Word Ministry!

You can see what Brenda and I are up to these days in ministry at our new website, Encouraging Word Ministry.  We are offering ministries of encouragement, leadership, and Healing for Damaged Emotions.  Please come by and visit and follow our Twitter feeds and like our Facebook pages.

October 11, 2010

We've Got a new Ministry!

Please check us out at Encouragement For Living, a site that will offer encouragement from the Lord focused on GLBT people.

May 23, 2010

Welcome to Affirming Worship!

If you don't have a welcoming church near you, or you just can't make youelf step into one, we're bringing worship to you. We have listed below links to those type of churches that feature live worship music and/or services that have been previously recorded.  We hope you are blessed and take time out of your busy schedule to enter into the Lord's day.

If one of the live feeds we post isn't working (stuff happens, especially during the winter) we hope you will take time to check out a different live broadcast or peruse our selection of pre-recorded services listed below.

If you know of a service we should add to our list, please send an e-mail and share it with us.

The list follows the jump:

May 16, 2010

A New Season for Jim, Brenda, and Straight Not Narrow

Hopefully you've notice a lack of posts here over the past few days. That is because we are moving into a period of transition in our ministry, one that will not include daily updates to this website.

We will still be involved in affirming ministry, but we will be using this site as more of a reference page than one for daily interaction. We'll be building our resources of Affirming Words, Matthew 25 sources, LGBT Helping Hands, Affirming Churches, and other reference points for those who have been treated as outcasts by their chuch or by "The Church." We'll post updates as new items are added periodically.

We appreciate the support and encouragement we have received from so many of you, and please don't stop. We believe Straight, Not Narrow will continue to be a valuable resource and, we hope, a jumping in point for those who have reach a point that they want someting better, someone greater than them, in their lives. We believe that someone is Jesus Christ, and the material here will continue to point people toward Him.

God bless everyone!

May 10, 2010

Encouraging Music 5/10/10 "Pass It On" by Tommy Walker

Encouraging Words 5/10/10 Happiness, the By-product of Righteousness

From:  Love Worth Finding

“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” Matthew 5:6

Happiness is something you stumble over on your way to serving Jesus. When you are serving the Lord Jesus Christ, happiness is the by-product of righteousness. People who are trying to be happy are focusing their energy at the wrong target. If you will seek after righteousness, then you will be happy.

What you need is to drink of the Spirit. It is to feed on the Word of God. The deepest need of your heart will be met only in Jesus.

Ask the Lord to fill you with His presence, to fulfill the deepest need of your heart in Him and Him alone. Now trust Him to do it.

May 08, 2010

Encouraging Music 5/8/10 "There is a Rock" by Tommy Walker

Encouraging Words 5/8/10 The Reason We Are Stressed

From:  Love Worth Finding

“Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, shall He not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?” Matthew 6:30

Do you know the reason we’re stressed? Because we think our needs are not going to be met. We say, “Oh my goodness, I’m not going to have what I need!”

Jesus tells us not to worry about what you are going to eat. And don’t worry about what you are going to wear. He’s saying only one thing is important – His righteousness. These things don’t even take significance until your deepest needs are met. You are to find your satisfaction in Him. If you don’t find your satisfaction in Him, you’re going to be stressed.

Are you stressed out about something today? Turn it over to Jesus and turn your focus to Him. Let Jesus meet your needs and transform your heart today.

May 07, 2010

Encouraging Music 5/7/10 "Thank You for Loving Me" by Tommy Walker

Encouraging Words 5/7/10 Biblical Hope, A Firm Certainty

From:  Love Worth Finding

“For Thou art my hope, O Lord God: Thou art my trust from my youth.” Psalm 71:5

What does the word “hope” mean in the Bible? It doesn’t mean “maybe.” We may use it that way in Modern English, but that’s not what the word “hope” means in the Bible.

“Hope” means certainty, but not just any certainty. It is rock-ribbed assurance with anticipation based on the Word of God. When I was a little boy, my dad would take us out for a ride on Sunday afternoon. The kids would be in the back seat getting into squabbles. If things got too heated, my dad would turn around and say, “When you boys get home, I’m going to whip you.” With my dad, I knew this was a rock-ribbed truth!

Our hope, however, is glad anticipation!

Share the hope of eternal life in Jesus Christ with someone today. Maybe there’s someone at the hospital who needs a word of hope. Maybe it’s a member of your family!

May 06, 2010

Encouraging Music 5/6/10 "I Believe in Jesus" by Tommy Walker

Encouraging Words 5/6/10 It's All About Jesus

From:  Love Worth Finding

“But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5

The thing I love about the Old Testament is the thing I love about the New Testament. The Old Testament and the New Testament both are the inspired Word of God. Don’t get the idea that the Old Testament has a message different from the New Testament. All of the Bible is about Jesus. If you read the Bible and you don’t find Jesus, you better go reread it.

Somebody may ask if you have read the four gospels, and you can answer them, “I’ve read all sixty-six!”

From Genesis to Revelation,
•It has the same villain – Satan.

•It has the same hero – Jesus.

•It has the same purpose – to present salvation in no other name but Jesus.

Read Isaiah 53. What are the prophecies that were fulfilled in the life of Christ?

May 05, 2010

Encouraging Music 5/5/10 "I Have a Hope" by Tommy Walker

Encouraging Words 5/5/10 Over Our Heads, But Under His Feet

From:  Love Worth Finding

“For He hath put all things under His feet. . .” 1 Corinthians 15:27

Praise God! The story has a happy ending! He is risen! Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God at this very moment, interceding on your behalf (Romans 8:34). And His prayers are always answered.

When the problems of your life are over your head, remember they are under His feet. Where is His head? It is in the heavenlies, interceding for you.

Where are your problems? Under His feet.

Jesus is alive and waiting in the wings to return for you!

Is there someone in your life who is struggling? Write them a note of encouragement and use Romans 8:34 as a closing verse of hope.

May 04, 2010

Affirming Words 5/4/10-"Why We Need Jesus" Parts 2 and 3 of 3

A sermon by Rev. Clinton Crenshaw from The Big Easy MCC in New Orleans, LA.

Encouraging Music 5/4/10 "He Knows My Name" by Tommy Walker

Encouraging Words 5/4/10 God's Omnipotence in Creation

From:  Love Worth Finding

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Genesis 1:1

An eloquent preacher said, “God stepped from behind the curtain of nowhere and stood upon the platform of nothing and spoke a world into existence.” God is the creator of all that your hand can touch, your eye can see, your ears can hear, and your nose can smell. If you see a watch, I hope you assume there’s a watchmaker. And if you see the precise atomic flux of the universe, I hope that you don’t believe that happened by chance. The evolutionists believe that if you take billions of years and add time plus chance, that you can turn frogs into princes. In school they call that fairy tales. In the laboratory they call it science.

God spoke your life into existence. His Word sustains your breath. His Word can silence your breath. Thank Him for your life today!