August 17, 2008

Going on Hiatus

When I started this blog in June, 2005, I had no idea what to expect. It never occurred to me that people in 152 nations would read it. I didn't know so many people would comment and e-mail me to let me know that this little corner of the blogosphere made a difference in their lives. It has been a challenge I'm glad I accepted and a blessing beyond anything I could have ever expected.

It is time, however, for me to move in a different direction. I have been hearing that message from the Lord for several weeks and have finally decided to submit to it. I am being led into a new season where I will focus on studying the Word and moving into a full-fledged Pastor role in my church. I will continue to work to bring the Good News of Jesus to ALL God's people, especially those GLBT people who have been pushed away by the church.

The Lord wants me to move away from the computer and spend more time reaching out to people. He wants me to spend less time networking through e-mail and more time with my head and heart in the Bible building a stronger foundation in His Word so I can better serve Him as a leader in ministry.

I will keep this blog up so the resources I have accumulated are still available. I will also be contributing to the ministry of our Believers Covenant Fellowship website when our current revamp is launched in a few weeks.

Sharone will probably post an occasional update, but I will miss this part of my ministry work. Thanks to those of you who have supported me with your words and your prayers.

If you're going to be in the Washington, DC area and want to visit our ministry, please drop me a line and let me know.

Until our paths cross again, either in person or on the Internet in some form down the road, may God richly bless your life like he has mine.

Jim Johnson