March 04, 2007

Is the Religious Right Dead?

Dr. Welton Gaddy, the president of The Interfaith Alliance and host of the Air America radio show "State of Belief," doesn't think so:

People who think the Religious Right is dead had better wake up. These people who see themselves on a mission from God are even smarter than they were in the past and now even more skilled in political strategy. They are not about to give up. To have progressive people celebrating the victory of the Religious Right's demise is to put our constituency right where the Religious Right wants us to be--confident without cause and vulnerable to a surprise that will cause us to say again with regret, "We just didn't see it coming. We weren't ready for them!"

Click here to read his entire essay at Talk To Action.

I couldn't agree with him more. These modern-day religious zealots are like vampires--they just won't die and they certainly won't give up. The best progressives can do is marginalize them so all they produce is annoying, ineffective, background noise when they spew hatred and bigotry.

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