February 05, 2007

More on LGBT Youth Homelessness

I posted on this issue yesterday but since then found this post on the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force web site which discusses the Task Forces's report.

Indeed, one of our critical aims and hopes is that service providers and social service agencies will see this report as a wake-up call to the crisis of homelessness among LGBT youth. Some may already work with this population and learn from one of our contributors about how to enrich an existing program. Others might know they need to reach out to LGBT youth but need additional guidance on how to do so.

While there is clearly more that can be done at the grassroots level, in the end it is not enough to beat this epidemic without additional funding and support at the federal level.

Check out the entire column by Jason Cianciotto, Research Director, Policy Institute, who makes a strong case for a combined grass roots effort to suppliment government funding to address this growing problem.

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