October 08, 2006

"Sin is Neither Republican or Democratic"

That would probably come as a shock to many of the Republican operatives we know as the religious right. Here is a piece by author Diana Butler Bass that makes this point and more. Here's an excerpt:

"Making sexuality a political issue, as much of the Religious Right has done, distracts from a host of other issues, such as poverty, war, and environmental concerns. But it also obscures the fact that Christians agree (as my friend and I do) on many things regarding this intimate part of our lives. We agree that sexuality is a gift from God, that love and commitment are foundational to sexual expression, that marriage is the best vessel for human sexuality, and that authenticity, honesty, fidelity, and mutual regard form the basis of Christian sexual relationships. Sex is, theologically, an ultimate expression of self-giving and surrender, qualities that resemble those in Christian spirituality. As the medieval mystics taught, humanity sexuality is a metaphor for our relationship with God."

"God is, as scripture tells us, the author of all goodness. God never rejoices in sin, and we know that sin is not the exclusive possession of any political party. The darkness that stalks us is neither Republican nor Democratic. It is part of the human condition, that which makes us all cry out for compassion—and that compassion is an apt starting point for a Christian politics of grace, not partisan vindictiveness."

Doesn't that put things in their proper, balanced perspective?


  1. Yeah, it was kind of a disappointment to my parents when they learned we weren't voting republican in the last presidential election. They felt like it was their responsibility to see that 'God's man' got back into office. They even for a time questioned whether I'd backslidden because I was not a Bush supporter. My mom especially was so upset, and I was just trying to change the subject so our conversation wouldn't continue hurting them. I think they're okay with it now, but we still avoid talking about politics most of the time which is fine with me.

  2. "God never rejoices in sin" --Amen

    She at least got that right!

    Making sexuality a political issue is sort of a slippery statement.I think the issue she is addressing is more along the lines of redefining what marriage is and what it looks like Biblically! If Christians don’t know what God has said marriage is and what that looks like and how it is supposed to be lived out; I say they cant call themselves Christians (without redefining what that means!) How do we keep silent on this issue?

  3. Ya' know they make sexuality an issue so they can keep being voted into office where they recieve special interest money, etc and power and then really do nothing except exploit their consituents.