March 05, 2010

Matthew 25 Resource 3/5/10-God's Pantry (Lexington, KY)

Hunger is a disease that diminishes the lives of many Kentuckians. Hunger drains the resources of the elderly and plagues the family, forcing mothers to sacrifice meals so that their children do not have to. Hunger strikes the unfortunate, overwhelming those who are experiencing other unforeseen needs.
This disease is strengthened by poverty. Is a child hungry because she is poor or poor because she is hungry? Studies have shown that poor children are more likely to be sick, more likely to miss school and less likely to succeed. The same is true for hungry children. Hunger affects not just the poor children of Kentucky, but all children, elderly and others who might be in a tight spot and need a helping hand. And it affects more in Kentucky than in most states across the nation.
Yet hunger is a disease that has a cure. For 54 years, God’s Pantry has been collecting and distributing donated food to agencies across central and eastern Ky. Today, God’s Pantry works with over 390 partner agency programs to fight hunger and alleviate the symptoms that accompany it.
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