March 04, 2010

LGBT Helping Hands 3/4/10-Pridlines Youth Services (Miami, FL)

Pridelines Youth Services is dedicated to educating and empowering South Florida’s GLBTQ youth and their straight allies in a safe and diverse environment.

What is Pridelines? Who am I? What am I? How can I find my place in the world?
These are questions that virtually every teenager asks themselves. However, if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or have gender issues, these are more than simply questions. They are challenges you have to overcome.

In 1982, a group of concerned adults, led by Dr. Marilyn K. Volker and the late Peter Meyer, decided to provide a safe, supportive and educational environment where GLBTQ teenagers can deal with these challenges of sexual identity and personal growth.
Dr. Volker directed the education division of the Health Crisis Network, helped establish the Institute on Sexism and Sexuality which addressed gender issues under Title IX in Miami-Dade County schools, and for two years hosted “Sex with Marilyn” a daily live call-in radio show.
In 1999, the organization was renamed Pridelines Youth Services, Inc. and expanded its services to including weekly activities, monthly special events, workshops and training opportunities for GLBTQ youth and their straight friends and allies, ages 13-20.
By providing support, education and referral services, as well as a place where they can be safe to explore their inner selves, Pridelines Youth Services helps GLBTQ youth become more comfortable with themselves, their sexuality, and their place in society.
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