March 06, 2010

Affirming Resource 3/6/10-Liberty Church, Blackpool, England

At Liberty Church we welcome people at all stages of their spiritual journey:
Some may be at the stage of questioning whether there is a God and whether Jesus is a reality
– we can help them in their search for their own personal faith.
Some have had Christian experience but have turned away for some reason and now want to reassess this part of their lives
– we can help them to explore this again and if they wish, to re establish their relationship with Jesus.
Some may be confident in their relationship with Jesus and be struggling with various stresses in their lives so need a place to be built up spiritually
– we can give them a safe space to be nourished spiritually without the pressure of putting further demands on them.
Some may be at a point where they are ready to contribute to the development of the church and to those within it
- we can provide a place where their gifts will be appreciated and developed.

All will be welcomed. Every person, at different parts of their spiritual journey adds to the richness and variety within the church. Every person is valuable member.
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