March 01, 2010

Matthew 25 Resource 3/16/10-Interfaith Hospitality Network of SW Pennsylvaila (Washington)

Interfaith Hospitality Network of the South Hills is an interdenominational program that links local congregations to offer round-the-clock shelter, meals and social services to homeless families in the southwestern Pennsylvania area.

24-hour shelter is provided, with evening and overnight accommodations provided by area churches; our "host congregations."  Guests are transported to one of IHN's two Family Centers in Washington or Crafton during the day, where they take care of daily living tasks, such as showering and laundry.
Family Centers
Guests work with staff to set priorities and take the steps necessary to gain self-sufficiency. Services are comprehensive and tailored to address specific family issues, and are often continued after families leave our network.
Host congregation volunteers provide a family-style evening meal as well as breakfast.  Guests use the Family Center kitchens to prepare their lunches.
IHN's trained volunteers welcome homeless families to their churches and offer a caring, interactive environment.  Network guests often form valuable and beneficial friendships with congregation members. Many guests have discovered community resources, employment leads, and housing opportunities through interactions with volunteers.

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