January 04, 2010

Matthew 25 Resource 1/4/10-Foodshare (Bloomfield, CT)

Foodshare can exercise leadership role in creating this hunger-free community in three major ways:

Self-sufficiency (for those in need) -- To end hunger, we need to reduce the number of people in need by increasing people's self-sufficiency.

Engagement (of the larger community -- Creating a hunger-free community will be advanced by changing the conversation about hunger, building understanding of the reasons people are hungry and potential solutions, and motivating people to become personally involved in those solutions.

Food Assistance (through Foodshare's partner agencies) -- Foodshare should ensure that there is an efficient and effective safety net of services so that no one goes without food.

We will:

Operate as an effective charitable business and make sound business decisions.
Be good stewards of the human, food, monetary, and other resources entrusted to us.
Remember that caring, committed, and compassionate people are Foodshare’s most valuable assets.
Be honest and open in all relationships, communications, dealings, and transactions.
Ensure that a variety of voices are represented in our decision-making.
Remain mindful that ending hunger requires new and innovative solutions that go beyond giving people food.
Become active participants in truly ending hunger.
Continue to serve those whose situation does not allow them to feed themselves.

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