January 05, 2010

Is James Dobson Ready To Fade Away Quietly? Doubtful.

We post this story here because Dr. James Dobson is one of the loudest voices that speaks out in sworn opposition to anything that might be affirming of LGBT people's very right to exist.  He's been quiet for a while, but according to this story it doesn't look like he's ready to silence his anti-gay rhetoric anytime soon.  From the Colorado Springs Gazette (hat tip to GetReligion):

James Dobson is already asking for donations for his new nonprofit, James Dobson on the Family, which he’s launching with son Ryan in March.

Please click here to read my Gazette story for background on Dobson’s new ministry.

On his Facebook page, Dobson estimates first-year operation costs to be $2 million. “Your participation will be greatly appreciated, especially during this time when startup costs will be very expensive,” he writes.

Dobson’s new ministry will have a similar agenda to that of Focus, which is to build up family values. The centerpiece of the ministry will be a daily radio show Dobson will co-host with 39-year-old Ryan.

Dobson’s departure from Focus only to start a similar ministry has some outside obervers speculating that Dobson was forced out of Focus and that a bitter Dobson decided to create a competing organization. Dobson, they say, may also feel that Focus’ kinder and gentler approach under CEO and president Jim Daly is not doing the trick, motivating Dobson to start a family nonprofit where fiery rhetoric is the norm.

Both Focus and Dobson deny these reasons.
Yeah, right.  Click here to read the rest of the story, and stay tuned for more on Dobson's future.

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