January 03, 2010

LGBT Helping Hands 1/3/10-Pride Senior Services (Nashville, TN)

PRIDE Senior Services was founded out of need. Too many times LGBT Seniors and persons with disabilities resort to hiding their idenity from their providers out of fear, prejudice or discrimination. I recall reading an article about two partnered senior men residing in a nursing home. The two, who were negatively perceived as being gay, were caught having relations and were forced by apart due to staff discrimination. I remember thinking the prejudice against these men was wrong and wanting to make a positive change in the quality of care for LGBT seniors.

The need for LGBT Seniors has never been greater. We have more rights than at any other time in history, but as we age, we lose ties with the LGBT community and our rights are compromised by the existing senior care system.

Pride Senior Services was based on three founding principles; advocacy, service and support.
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