July 16, 2009

Gay Pride: WWJD?

That's the interesting question that Steve Schmidt takes a crack at on Whosover.org. Here's an excerpt:

Would Jesus go to a Gay Pride parade? You bet he would. I doubt very much he'd be marching in it (he tended to avoid political activism since that wasn't his purpose), but he'd certainly have a booth out on the fair grounds with big signs telling people that God loved them. He'd be shouting into the crowds (in a very undignified way), "Come unto me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest." He'd say, "Come to me, all who are hungry, and let me give you what you're seeking. Come to me, all of you who are thirsty, and I will give you water to drink that will fill your souls and overflow out of you to water others." (Mt 11:28; Lk 1:53; Lk 6:21; Jn 7:38)

Especially at Gay Pride celebrations, where so many Gay and Lesbian and Bisexual and Transgender people have been rejected by our religious organizations, our churches, hurt by family, told they are hated by God, told they are going to hell. Is there any other group of people more needing of the love and acceptance of Jesus? Would he be among the conservative church goers there, holding up protest signs that say "Fags go to Hell", or hurling insults at those dressed in feather boas or sexually-explicit costumes? Would he be among those throwing stones? Did he EVER do that in the Gospels? No. Today, at any Gay Pride parade or picnic he went to, he'd walk up to such scandalous people, wrap his arms around them, kiss them on the cheek, and say "You are SO loved by the Father." Some people would reject him, now just as they did 2000 years ago. But those who hunger for a relationship with God would hug him back, and follow him to some grassy picnic area where he'd tell them stories about how the Kingdom of God is made up of people such as themselves. And from such people, he would raise up followers who would know the grace of God and see a face of God that those who grew up in the church have never seen and will never experience.

Yep, sounds like the Jesus I know and love. Click here to read the rest of the essay at Whosoever.


  1. I think Jesus would be a champion for gay rights if he were around today.

  2. Jim/Brenda. WWJD indeed. Come to think of it, we believe we may have seen Christ (or representatives) at our recent Pride events. From what we could tell, the theme of the day was nothing short of acceptance by everyone of everyone. Regardless of how different, flamboyant, odd, surreal or 'out there', all the participants we saw had one common reaction--acceptance. If this isn't Christ's simple command, we missed it.
    Sadly, the only dark point of an otherwise joyous day came benefit of a Christian group with their bullhorns clamoring for 'Repentance', and 'Confession'. Alas, we must learn to forgive them as well. Seventy times seven.

  3. All Saints was one of three churches at the first-ever Youngstown Pride. We had a booth where we gave away free cold bottled water (it was a warm day and this was welcome), and also had information for those that were interested.

    We were living out "being Jesus to others". Unfortunately, a few folk were "representing religious ideas", but they didn't stay long.