July 16, 2009

Evening Prayers 7/16/09


Thank you for answering prayers in YOUR time, not ours. That's not easy to say, and even harder to mean, but some things are worth the wait. Brenda received some wonderful news today when a friend of hers who she has been estranged from for several years responded to her several inquires about reestablishing contact. After trying for quite a while, Brenda had that prayer answered today and is anticipating what direction the relationship will take as it redevelops.

You've also answered prayers I even gave up praying in the last few months as my career has developed far beyond I had expected for a long, long time. You waited until I was ready to receive the blessings and was prepared to take advantage of them before you provided the opportunity, and as I walk with you through each day on the job. those blessings are clear and visible to others.

When things are tough and we are frustrated with our current lot in life, we need to remember that you have a plan far better than anything we can come up with on our own, and your timing is what will optimize it. As you unfold our ministry through this website and various contacts we are making, I ask your help in not moving ahead of your plan for it, that we surrender to your plan and your timing knowing that is the way to recognize the greatest impact of our efforts.


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