July 12, 2009

Evening Prayers 7/12/09

Updated 7/13 to delete names for their safety on strong advice from someone familiar with the situation in Mauritania.


I am petitioning you with a specific request tonight. My dear friend Bruce has asked for prayer for his son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. They are traveling tomorrow to the country of Mauritania, on the northwestern coast of Africa, to serve as missionaries, spreading the good news about you.

You know that Mauritania is a dangerous place for Christian workers and that one of them was brutally shot and killed over there recently. Lord, we ask for your covering over them, to protect them and bless their work as they bring the Good News to many who may not otherwise hear it.

I also pray for all of those brave, committed souls like Boaz and his family who uproot themselves and put their lives and needs on hold to travel to hostile places like Mauritania to serve you. Please richly bless these people who truly understand the concept of servanthood, denying their desires and working for the greater good.

Also Lord, thank you for a wonderful weekend and I ask for your blessings for the week ahead.


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  1. Jim/Brenda: Having passion for what you believe in shouldn't be dangerous, but we all know it is. Until people can let go of their fear of the different and unusual we'll have conflict and confrontation.

    Thanks for all you do