July 13, 2009

Evening Prayers 7/13/09


I spent the day at a training class for my job, learning about a powerful piece of report-writing software that will be extremely useful once I can master it and share that knowledge with my staff. I thank you for that opportunity, and I got to thinking about it while I was inching through traffic on the way home.....

Isn't both learning, then sharing what we learn with others, a critical part of our mission, our very purpose, here on earth? If I hoarded knowledge and did not share it with those who could benefit from it, I would merely be fortifying my own position, increasing my own perceived standing, by selfishly declining to help others. Oh Lord, I know we have so much of that in our world today--people who feel they must enhance their standing in society by keeping others down. Yet when you walked the earth as a human, Jesus did just the opposite. The Bible tells us that he relished the opportunity to gather those less fortunate and impart his divine knowledge, realizing they were the most teachable and the most willing to learn.

Lord, I thank you for the opportunity, both in the workplace and in this blog, to share lessions I have learned, ones you have either directly taught me or placed me in the position to be taught by others. Thank you for loving us enough not to want us to stay the same but to grow, into our gifts you blessed us with and into a closer relationship with you.


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