January 16, 2007

Former Marriage Equality Foe Now Lobbying For Civil Unions

From the Washington Blade:

A woman who once led the charge against gay unions in Hawaii is now lobbying for their passage.
Debi Hartmann is working with gay activists and Democratic leaders in Hawaii to enact civil unions that carry the same rights as traditional marriage. The move represents a stark change for Hartmann, who once led Hawaii’s Future Today, a conservative group of Mormons, Catholics and others who opposed gay unions. In that role, the married mother of three railed against gay marriage.

Hawaii’s Future Today dissolved after a 1998 vote granted state lawmakers the authority to ban gay marriage.

But in an exclusive interview with the Washington Blade, Hartmann said she now believes that Hawaii should enact civil unions to protect gay couples and their children.

See, some people DO eventually open their minds and allow a change of heart.

Click here to read the rest of the Blade articie.


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  2. I'm hoping for a bit of the same in Wisconsin...