January 17, 2007

"A Dangerous Fraud"

Wayne Besen continues to reveal the manipulative lies so often propigated by "ex-gay ministries." His latest piece tells this story:

The anti-gay gro ups, the American Family Association and Americans for Truth should be immediately shut down for committing wanton and craven acts of fraud. They are unabashed con artists duping their own members by selling a product both groups have admitted was misleading.

The first question tactics like this bring to mind is, why do aleged Christain organizations, especially one with the word truth in its name, have to lie to influence people? I believe the answer is because what they are trying to sell is itself a lie.

What twisted version of Christianity do these folks subscribe to, then? Or is that description just another lie to gain influence and relieve people of their money?

How do you think God feels about that? I'm pretty sure I know the answer to that one--he's pissed!


  1. This so-called "conversion" therapy has got to be one of the most damaging things that can be done to someone. Especially when such therapies are targetted towards adolescents.



  2. Jim,

    I just came across your blog while looking up some information on Sundance films ("For the Bible..." and "Save Me").

    If I may, I'd like to pass along a link I hope you will find of interest - it's Faith in America whose mission I believe is closely aligned with yours.

    Thanks for publishing your blog, I appreciated your entries and opinions.