January 20, 2007

Exodus Has a New Branch in Texas

B. Joe Cline, a 75-year old grandfather, has started Lighthouse Freedom Ministry in Waco Texas. He has announced the ministry with billboards near interestate highways in Waco and the Houston area that has messages like, "I questioned homosexuality. Change is possible. Discover how."

Sadly, there will be homosexuals who have been browbeaten by their churches and/or family and grown to hate themselves enough to drive them to Cline's "ministry." This from the report in the Waco Tribune:

The Rev. Charley Garrison, pastor of the gay-friendly Central Texas Metropolitan Community Church From the Heart, said he was relieved to hear from a reporter that Cline’s ministry is not geared toward those who are comfortable with their orientation, only those who want to change it.

“Because that means I won’t have to worry about him picketing my church or supporting others to do the same,” Garrison said. “You see, we worship a God who loves unconditionally, with no strings attached.”

Central Texas MCC is part of the almost 40-year-old gay-friendly Christian denomination founded because so many churches rejected homosexual worshippers.

“Unfortunately, there are people who claim to speak on behalf of Jesus Christ, when in fact, our Savior had nothing to say about homosexuality. However, Jesus did condemn those people who have a predisposition to point out the speck in other people’s eyes when there is a log in their own (Matthew 7:1-5) ,” Garrison said.

Very well stated Rev. Garrison.

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