December 21, 2006

"Why Defense of Gays Matters"

As you can imagine, the title of this column by Leonard Pitts, Jr. Like myself, Mr. Pitts is not gay so he is asked this question. He answers it very well in his column. He writes:

I have yet to learn how to segregate my moral concerns. It seems to me if I abhor intolerance, discrimination and hatred when they affect people who look like me, I must also abhor them when they affect people who do not. For that matter, I must abhor them even when they benefit me. Otherwise, what I claim as moral authority is really just self-interest in disguise.

I can't put it any better than that myself.

Thanks to Dr. Jerry Maneker for the tip.


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  2. I am very familiar with journalists who support gays and lesbians.
    I can add William Raspberry and Colber King and Richard Cohen of WaPo to the list.

    I too am a straight writer and supporter and agree with Mr. Pitts.
    I don't have to be gay to understand the injustice I am witness to.
    The ignorance and fear that is exploited among straight people is something I am privy to.

    What is said to my face, is behind the backs of gay folks.
    I don't put up with this. I won't let straight people off the hook regarding their obligation to a population that is subject to nature's lottery.
    At any time, anyone may have a gay loved one present in the family and will be confronted with the same injustice over and over again unless and until they participate alone with Mr. Pitts, myself and those like us who say, ENOUGH!

    Continued discrimination and injustice serves nothing good or moral.
    If fear and ignorance are employed to maintain this injustice, that is even MORE deeply immoral.
    Morally sound things are driven by honesty, and truth and equal justice.
    We cannot attain one without the other.
    It is a moral impossibility.

    We ARE each to each other, gay and non gay. This is clear. Going blind at the concept, isn't the point or path to understanding.