December 17, 2006

Shameless Plug for the Music of Apostle Dale

Over the year and a half I've written this blog, I've shared about my church, Believers' Covenant Fellowship, and our pastor, Apostle Dale Jarrett, on a fairly regular basis. I'm proud to call Apostle Dale my pastor and my friend, and I want to show you another side of him here today.

Dale is a gifted musician who leads the worship music every Sunday. I have never seen him need sheet music to play his piano--he does it entirely by memory! He is also a great singer and has recently recorded a wonderful CD of big band/swing music titled "By Request."

Dale has just put up a website to celebrate his work, Dale Jarrett Music, and you can click through there or just click here to sample "By Request." Dale told me he came up with the title because the songs he selected are ones he has been frequently asked to play over the years.

You can also read Dale's biography on his website and realize he is a multi-dimensional man, a committed minister to both the GLBT and senior communities, a gifted entertainer in several genres of music, a committed partner and a wonderful friend.

I encourage you to check out his music, not just his current release but his previous dinner music CD, a Christmas collection, and a worship CD which Pastor Brenda also sang on.

They'll make lovely stocking stuffers.

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