December 22, 2006

Pope: Gay Relationships "Dismal"

Pope Benedict showed the world again on Friday that he just doesn't get, he isn't likely to get it, and he doesn't WANT to get it. This from the report on

He (the Pope) said that those who support gay unions endorse "dismal theories" that strip all relevance from the masculinity and femininity of the human being as though it were a purely biological issue."

That is either nonsensical or impossibly rigid and closed-minded. Then again, the Catholic Church isn't exactly known for being progressive now, is it?

"And so joining a man and a woman, and two people of the same sex becomes the same," Benedict said. "With that, the ominous theories that deny any relevance to the human person's masculinity and femininity are tacitly confirmed."

Given the well documented problems the Catholic Church has had with its priests and, shall I say gently, their own masculinity, this approach to the issue of same-sex marriage seems particularly flawed.

It is this kind of leadership that has the Catholic Church heading toward inevitable irrelevance.

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